Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Court House Regular is working on a website to allow law firms to find appearance attorneys (also known as "Step-Up" and "Coverage" attorneys) directly - that is, without having to use appearance brokers. 

The advantage to you is that by eliminating the intermediary and their fee, law firms can pay less while appearance attorneys can earn more. The confusion that an intermediary can cause is eliminated as well. 

Right now, the website is being built at www.courthouseregular.com

If you are registering as an attorney that does appearance work, click on "Register to Receive and Place Assignments". You can then create a profile including the courts that you are willing to go to, which allows law firms to search for you by court house. 

Otherwise, click on "Register to Place Assignments only".  

So please go to courthouseregular.com and sign up if you are involved with assigning and/or doing appearance work. The earlier you sign up the closer to the top of the search results you'll be as the site develops. 

The site will start being effective once a few thousand or so attorneys sign up - so tell your lawyer friends about it. Oh, and it is free to register.

Remember you have to be an attorney, which means you are licensed in your jurisdiction to practice law.

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