Monday, June 26, 2017

“Could This Put an End to Gerrymandering?”

No, because the bill, which I like, offer nothing to the GOP, which merely controls the house, senate, and presidency. It's too big of a chaange and lacks a constituency. Merely eing a good idea is not enough. Historically, something like this used to be the norm, except without thee ranked voting angle.

Things I like about it are that it features at large voting to increase minority participation, which I have argued many times to no audience. It would be great news for the Libertarians; they would have a shot at winning a few seats. But it won't pass, unless it offers something of value to the GOP. Perhaps it could be sold as a way for, say, the tea party faction, or the Koch machine, to pick up seats. But that won't win the leadership or the rank and file.
What does the GOP want that it otherwise can't get? I don't know offhand.

I will try to find a link to bo burnham's song about gerrymandering, which is running through my head.

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