Friday, May 12, 2017

FBI raids office of Republican campaign consultant in Annapolis



FBI may be investigating russian money laundering to trump campaign via internet fundraising and a bunch of small gop ad brokers.


Trump warns sacked FBI chief Comey not to 'leak' conversations.

Because what we need right now is more Watergate references.
In the old days, it was said that J Edgar Hoover's FBI could take out any politican that stood in his way. Deep Throat was Mark Feltz, #3 at the FBI. I don't know if the FBI will take an active role in investigating Trump, and whether firing Comey made that better or worse for Trump.

Note how "Repub,ican" is in the headlines, which it should be, but contrast with

Ex-Florida Congresswoman Convicted of Taking Money Meant for Charity.

Paragraph 7 finally gets around to mentioning that she's a Democrat. She intends to seek a new trial, and I express no opinion about whether she's guilty, legally or morally.
update: the instapundit made this same point yesterday.  https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/264708/

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