Thursday, April 20, 2017

The FEC voted 2-3, I assume, to deny a continued exemption to disclosure for the socialist worker's party. 4 votes are needed to do anything, and merely continuing the exemption counts as doing something.

The best response would be for Trump to appoint a socialist worker's party representative to Ann Ravel's open seat on the FEC, but this won't occur to anyone, and I don't know if it's politically feasible.

Meanwhile, the SW could probably win in court, if they could afford a lawyer. My plate is probably too full to assist.

Leftist 3rd parties, including the Greens, hurt the D's, so the D's tend to make their lives unpleasant with ballot access hurdles and chilling disclosure regimes. That photo of Stein with Putin is highly significant. I can't recall if I posted that here yet.

The GOP members of the commish voted, probably not out of partisanship, but because as they correctly point out, there's no compelling interest in the finances of this tiny legacy party. Unless somebody can show they are cashing checks from the Kremlin, or something like that.


adding stein-putin photo

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