Thursday, April 13, 2017

A proposed solution for Guam voting rights:

Allow Hawaii to annex Guam, Amercan Samoa, Saipan, any other pacific ocean US territory I may be forgetting. This would require that congress, the state of hawaii, and the territory in question to all agree. Guam would become a county, of Hawaii, just like Maui is now, so it would gain a right to vote in presidential elections, but lose its observer in congress, if it has one of those.
A bill in congress that allowed but did not require this solution could ease some of the current sore feelings fromt he continuing impact of the Insular Cases. I am not clear why the issue of Guam is currently before the 7th circuit, which mostly deals with Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.
So far I've never been to Guam. I used to work with some American Samoans, and was impressed.

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