Thursday, March 23, 2017

hasen: Brad Smith and Robbin Stewart on Hasen on Gorsuch on Campaign Finance

Brad Smith (responding to this post)
Robbin Stewart (responding to this post)

I happen to agree with Smith and Muller (sp?) that Hasen was wrong about Gorsuch being wrong on Citizens United. I think Gorsuch was expressing an opinion, and opinions are not "wrong" in the same way facts are. I didn't think it rose to a level where I needed to blog about it. I thank Hasen for linking my post,and it's nice to be mentioned in the same post as Brad Smith. Smithwatch: I think he's no longer guest teaching in Morgantown, but is back in Columbus. I bumped into him at a CLE in northern Indiana awhile back. Hmm CLE's.. there may be one tomorrow.. off to check my emails.

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