Monday, March 27, 2017


Federal Court Strikes Down Illinois Law Barring Campaign Contributions from Medical Pot Businesses

https://pillaroflaw.org/images/PDFs/BallvMadiganOpinion.pdf (pdf)

I got around to reading this today. Plaintiffs were Libertarians. Counsel was Pillar of Law, one of those public interest law firms. Discussion of standing cited my Majors v Abell case.
Good discussion of standard of review. The court found that the Illinois statute failed Buckley intermediate review, so it didn't have to decide if this required strict scrutiny under Town of Gilbert. 
The court distinguished cases which had uphelp a ban on contributions by casinos, because there wee specific findings of public corruption cases involving casinos in 9 states. Illinois had no such evidentiary record here.
I want to get around to posting this to a facebook group for Libertaatian lawyers; this i sa reminder to myself to do that.

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