Wednesday, March 15, 2017

dutch election results: business as usual mostly.
next trick will be to try to form a governing coalition.
attendance: 81%!
VVD: 31 zetels (-10)
PvdA: 9 zetels
PVV: 19 zetels
SP: 14 zetels (-1)
CDA: 19 zetels
D66: 19 zetels
CU: 6 zetels
GL: 16 zetels
SGP: 3 zetels
PvdD: 5 zetels
50Plus: 4 zetels
DENK: 3 zetels
FvD: 2 zetels

cheat sheet:
VVD: centre-right, current coalition partner, the current PM is from this party
PvdA: centre-left, current coalition partner
PVV: far-right, Trump-esque, the only real anti-EU party on this list
SP: left-wing, vaguely eurosceptic
CDA: centre-right, Christian democrats
D66: centrists, liberals, Eurofederalists
CU: centre-right, more socially conservative than CDA, also Christian democrats
GL: left-wing, heavy focus on environmentalism
SGP: right-wing, more socially conservative than CU, also Christian democrats
PvdD: left-wing, heavy focus on animal rights
50Plus: heavy focus on pensioner interests
DENK: left-wing, Turkish minority party

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