Thursday, February 23, 2017


Vouchers simply dont add up...! Vouchers are a scam for the wealthy to use taxpyer money to pay for their private school education.

I wonder whether Texas allows school districts to engage in politics like this. This would have been illegal in Missouri; I'm notsure how Indiana handles it, and I don't know about Texas. Off to google. I am a taxpayer in that district and am mildly offended that they are using my tax dollars for speech I disagree with.
Would I have standing?

School districts argue that Sec. 255.003 of the election code gives them free reign (sic). It states communication that “factually describes the purpose of the measure” is not considered political advertising
But the definition is conditional, as it also prohibits officers and employees from using “communication describing the measure” if it’s “sufficiently substantial and important as to be reasonably likely to influence a voter to vote for or against a measure.”

Sec. 255.003. UNLAWFUL USE OF PUBLIC FUNDS FOR POLITICAL ADVERTISING. (a) An officer or employee of a political subdivision may not knowingly spend or authorize the spending of public funds for political advertising.
There's more to the statute, and it may not apply here, but I remain concerned.

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