Monday, December 19, 2016

trump wins electoral college. clinton 2d, then 3 votes for colin powell, 1 for a  native american woman, Faith Spotted Eagle. 1 for ron paul. there was one vote for bernie but they called a revote and it went to clinton on the 2nd ballot. I don't know if that's a live controversy or is moot, although I don't expect it will be pursued.

I have now read two more electors tried to be faithless but were prevented, one in Colorado.
No details yet.

itory (Yankton Sioux) in Southeastern South Dakota. She is a fluent speaker of the Dakota Language and a member of the Ihanktonwan, although she descends from the Sicangu, Hunpati, Hunkpapa and Mdewakantonwan and has French/Irish blood through her grandmother Julia Deloria and John McBride. She has two children. Kip Spotted Eagle is a Dakota Language Instructor and Brook Spotted Eagle is a Ph.D candidate at the University of Washington in Cultural Anthropology. Her new grandson is Tokana Ikpanajin Spotted Eagle.

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