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meanwhile he's not sentenced yet, up to 5 years. not first offense high profile case. His sentencing hearing will take place on December 27th.

I found more information on the Michigan disclaimer conviction I've been looking for.

Roughly 500 postcards were sent out prior to the city’s election last week, which called out Grand Haven City Council candidates Mike Cramer and John Hierholzer, and supported candidate Josh Brugger.
Brugger, one of the two winners of last week’s election, is trying to make sure residents know he didn’t support the mailings. He’s filed a complaint with the state regarding the postcards.
The mailers, sent by Brandon Hall’s Save the Grand Haven Cross and Nativity Political Action Committee, featured messages that gave reasons why people shouldn’t vote for incumbent candidate Hierholzer and challenger Cramer.... Brugger alleges that that the postcards did not include the required disclaimer that states they weren’t “authorized by any candidate committee," as required by section 47, subsection 1, of the state act. The cards also failed to include the required statement, "with regulated funds," as required by section 47, subsection 4, of the act, he noted.

https://www.michigan.gov/documents/sos/Brugger_v_Save_the_Grand_Haven_Cross_and_Nativity_PAC_516037_7.pdf  Letter from the state to Hall.

The Michigan Secretary of State also found last month [march 2016] that Hall violated campaign finance laws by neglecting to include required disclaimers on postcards mailed during the Grand Haven city council election last year, according to the news site. Mlive. http://eagnews.org/school-board-member-convicted-of-stealing-from-cancer-fundraiser-to-run-for-state-office/

11/28/2015Brugger v Save the Grand Haven Cross and Nativity PAC47Yes
SOS web site only shows the allegation, not how it was resolved.Oh wait there's more, it has the complaint and maybe reolution, checking now.

Disposition: They sent a warning letter and closed the case. That was earlier this year, so within statute of limitations for civil rights action.

It turns out there are many more examples of the Secretary of State sending threatening letters to people whio engage in political speech.

I had thought one of the article said Brandon Hall had been convicted on the disclaimer issue. He merely received a warning letter. So I'll want to review whether that was my mistake or their mistake.
in his criminal case, it went to the michigan supreme court on the issue of whether it was a misdeameanor of felony, they said felony.

His attorney, Anna White,... http://hannpersinger.com/attorneys/anna-c-white/

http://www.grandhaventribune.com/frontpage/2015/01/10/Petition-targets-city-councilman-over-Dewey-Hill-vote.html?ci=content&lp=13&p=1 filed a recall petition against somebody who voted the wrong way on his issue. the guy's a bit nuts, but i like him.

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