Thursday, November 24, 2016

In Michigan, Jill Stein is Ralph Nader.
Trump won Michigan by 10,700 votes.
Jill Stein got 51,000.

Unlike Gary Johnson's 170,000 + votes, it's safe to say Stein voters would not have chosen Trump.
Not all would have voted for Clinton, but it's a fair bet at least 21% would have.

In  the past few days she has raised over $2 million to conduct recount in MI, WI, perhaps PA.
That's a big chunk of change for her otherwise low budget campaign. edit: she raised and spent $3.5 million in her campaign.

I plan to uppdate this post shortly with her numbers from Wisconsin.

In WI, Trump leads Clinton by 27,200+, and Stein has 30,980. So more than the margin of victory, not enough to throw the election, because some Stein voters would never vote for Clinton, but without Stein it looks much tighter.

In PA Trump leads by about 70,000, and Stein only had 49,000.

I'm not sure which other states were close.

In NC, Trump actually had a majority, over 50%. Also Iowa.
In FL, Trump's 120,000 margin of victory is twice Stein's 64,000.

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