Friday, November 04, 2016

My friend william barber in the new york times, re GOP myths of voter fraud.
Barber has been winning case after case in North Carolina, in his hat as chair of the NAACP there.
I know him as founder of Moral Mondays. The Indianapolis chapter doesn't seem to be active lately.
For me, the NYT is behind a paywall.
Obligatory disclaimer: The New York Times bought me my first Tangueray, when I was 19. I remain a fan. I was not a big success selling the Times on my campus, but it was one of my first entreprenuerial ventures. Years later, I'm still self-employed. Today I'm in Phoenix, where I tried out for but didn't get a $29,000 research gig. Poor wifi in the hotel so updating the ohio disclaimer story will have to wait.

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