Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hasen livebloggin at slate:
More from Philly: Head of the Pennsylvania Republican Party is claiming that Republican poll watchers are being kept out of polling sites in Philadelphia. Keeping an eye to see if these reports are accurate and if the problem is widespread. First rule of election day is to take everything you hear with a huge grain of salt.

The alarm I set for 6:30 am didn't go off, and I'm still sick, so at 2pm I'm having herbal tea and toast and trying to drag myself out of bed to go be GOP pollwatcher at my local precinct. I may or may not run into trouble; the workers there may or may not know I've filed a notice of tort claim and requested investigations due to their refusal to let me vote at the primary. 

update: they asked me to leave 4 times, demanded my credentials 6 times, called the election department about me 3 times, as i sat quietly reading a book. the election department kept telling them i was fine, my credentials were fine, and they should leave me alone, so they eventually did.
I stayed about an hour, felt sick, went home, didnt want to be puking on their floors.

There was no line, sometimes it was busy sometimes slow. 350 people voted by 4 pm.
There's one more precinct I'd like to check, but I'd have to get out of bed.

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