Tuesday, October 18, 2016

update: by wednesday the problem was mostly fixed. the young woman running the clipboards, when asked about ID, looked perplexed and said "I don't think you can vote without ID. I can have you talk to someone." Once she got me into the room to talk to someone the staff was informed and cooperative and fgave the choice of a provisional vote or to request an absentee ballot mailed, which is what I already did last week. I have not yet reviewed today's video, probably not very good.
yesterday's entry:

Today I went to test the early voting procedures at the Indianapolis City Hall.
This time they had signs up pointing to the early voting entrance. In last week's test I went in the regular entrance, asked if I could come in to vote without being searched was told no, so went through the screening. Complained to the Sheriff's office and now they have the signs up. A rare small victory. But that's not what this post is about.

Today I went to test the early voting procedures at the Indianapolis City Hall.
I got into the line, was handed a clipboard, told to have my ID ready. I asked what if I didnt have my ID.

interlude: A black guy just walked past with a handmade tshirt saying "Vote Trump - You have rights." No disclaimer, so that would violate federal law. I should have otten a photo. I'm at a starbucks sidewalk table downtown.

I asked what if I didnt have my ID.
I was told I couldn't vote. The other guy, something Steward from his namebadge, said "get your ID and come back. We're here 'til 5." I went and did my other city hall business. (One of my houses was taken by the city for liens.) I went back to the line, asked Steward "What if I don't have ID?" He said "You can't vote." I asked him "Can I get that in writing?" He said "I'll go get somebody."
I sat quietly on a chair for a couple minutes waiting for him. A county sheriff deputy took me by the arm and asked if I had finished voting,and it was time for me to go. I don't recall his exact words, and I didn't record vodeo this trip. I should come back tomorrow and video,

I explained that I was waiting for the guy. At this point 4 of them swarmed around me plus the officer,and I was told that I would not be given a written statement. Some doubletalk about how I could go over to voter registration, I said I was already registered, this was about voting, that I did not have my registration card with me. I was told I could make a public records request and they would have 7 days to respond. I asked if I go to the clerk's office to fill out the request. They said no. This was a large black woman from the registration office who I did not recognize.

Since the deputy was looming, looking for an excuse to get physical, I left.

It is my feeling that my voting rights were violated. I will expand on that with an edit later. It looks like rain right now and I don't want my computer to get wet.

I next went to the Indiana Democratic HQ. Talked to someone on the elevator to the 11th floor who gave me the address of the county office, and told me she'd pass on my comments about the voting situation.
I next went to the County Delocratic HQ. Met the county chair, Joell __, who shook my hand, understood what I was talking about, and said he'd look into it. That's more likely to bring changes than me trying to do stuff on my own.

Possible claims:
My .. here comes the rain...

Update: on the way home, I stopped at the election warehouse next to the FoodforLess. The person I spoke to said she remembered me from the provisional ballot hearings last year. I explained the problem and she said she'd get it fixed by tomorrow.

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