Monday, October 24, 2016

just uploaded some video of my 2nd voter ID test at city hall in indy. This test was inconclusive, with the poll worker saying, off camera, that she didnt think I could vote without ID, but she would have me talk to somebody, the somebodys then handled it correctly. In today's vote test,and in my first one,
I was told no ID, no vote. Today's guy apologized after his superiors explained he was wrong, so I'm not going to be suing him. But they didnt fix the problem, after having assured me that the problem would be fixed.
https://youtu.be/jbSFsmQdLhM should be the first half, where i'm standing in line.

I couldn't find the videos from the primary that I uploaded earlier, I'll have to play with youtube a little more to find those. They were a lot more dramatic than this set.


here are the earlier ones.

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