Friday, September 09, 2016

Trump's foundation funded $100K of a citizens united lawsuit in 2014 with the former FEC chair McGhan (sp?), who is now counsel for Trump. The $1M foundation is funded by the sale of one of Trump's books.
Last month a judge dismissed the case. CU v FEC got dismissed too, before it reached the Supreme Court. I do not yet know much about the case, the complaint, the decision, etc. I will go looking for that. The issues have to do with disclosure of CU's donors to New York state. CU's Bossie is now part of the Trump campaign.

"The document Citizens United v. N.Y. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Overview has been deleted."
I did not fijnd the ruling on the dismissal but here's the denial of the injunction
27 pages. It's a non-trivial case, requesting exemption from disclosure under the NAACP v Alabama standard. Because this is a somewhat tough standard to win, it could become a significant case if reversed on appeal. 
It is entirely proper for a charitable foundation to fund this kind of First Amendment activity.
But in 2014, Trump was not on our radar as a funder of such efforts. Was he already planning to run and win?

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