Monday, August 22, 2016

7th circuit denies stay in Wisconsin voter ID case in One Wisconsin, the 2d of two WI voter ID cases decided recently. So while Frank v Walker remains stayed for now, the One Wisconsin relief is in place. I would count this as a win for the anti-voter ID faction. I will need to refresh my recollection of the differences between the two. Frank put in an affidavit option; that's been stayed. The stay is on appeal to the 7th circuit en banc, where it might be lifted, 5-4, or if not the Supreme Court might weigh in before the election, but that could go either way; there might be only 4 votes, not enough to lift a stay. Procedurally complex. The panel that denied the stay today is the same one that granted the stay in Frank.

 One lesson that might be taken from this is that multiple cases are useful; it can be a mistake to put all one's hopes on just one case. I'm going to see if the ILB has anything on this.

Nothing on the Wisconsin case, but it does have a nice photo by Judge Posner of a giant inflatable rat.

 This is unusual, for a judge to include a photo he took himself that is not part of the record. It relates to an ongoing issue Posner has with supplementing the record from a judge's own research.
My next step will be to see if Howard Bashman is covering this. He and I have corresponded about giant inflatable rats before.

Not the rodent I was looking for.
OK, here's his rat case coverage.

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