Friday, July 15, 2016

Trump has chosen Mike Pence as his running mate, thrilling Indiana residents, many of them who already had "Pence Must Go" signs in their yard. I would expect now that John Gregg, D, will win the governor's race, Evan Bayh the senate, but the GOP will keep their 7 of 9 house seats and lock on the state senate and house. I don't actually have objective reasons for not liking Pence. A former coworker had met him back when he had a radio show and was kind of creeped out by him. I've never talked with him personally, seen him around a few times.

The fall election leans Hillary 49% Trump 45% Johnson 5% Green Jill Stein 1%, but that's all within the margin of error and could change. The senate is too close to call.

Update: Todd Rokita has dropped out of his house re-election race to seek Pence's spot.
I knew and liked Rokita back when he was a lawyer for the secretary of state, back before he became the poster boy for voter ID. If Rokita doesn't get the GOP smoke-filled room nod for governor, another committee will probably let him get back on the ballot for congress.

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