Tuesday, July 19, 2016

FEC defends disclosure requirements for 'electioneering communications' .
This is about the Independence Institute v FEC case. I am sympathetic to the goals of II.
When I go to Denver, as I probably will next month, I stay across the street from it, and I've met with some of its people.
But I don't get the line of cases they have been doing, and losing, involving campaign speech disclosure. There are many far more winnable cases.
It is too hot for me tonight to read one more filing, so I just glanced at it briefly. This is the FEC's motion for summary judgment and memo. Mostly they point to cases like CU and Valeo and say "of course we win". And they probably will.  That's all for now. Maybe later I'll come back to it. 
II may yet win the war, but I think they are likely to lose this battle.

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