Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Today's elections came with the kind of snafus we have come to expect in Marion County. According to an IndyStar.com update, "Marion County officials are facing widespread problems bringing new electronic voting machines online this morning. The problem, (officials said), is that poll workers have forgotten how to start and run the machines." Indy star's political junkie blog, which also calls for Julia Carson to step down after this term for health reasons. I agree.

Beth White will be the new county clerk, which is good news. Trailing most of the night, she ended up with 55%. I expect that I will have to sue her, on several issues where we disagree, but she is an honorable opponent, civil and skilled, who will do either a better job or a great job.

In one race, Rep. Tim Harris, a Republican from Marion, was leading Democrat Larry Hile of Hartford City by only two votes.
I guess what I need to do is find out if there were voter ID problems there and or any ID-related provisional ballots.

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