Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day after the election:
A few notes.
Dems take house, senate in blowout. I thought it would be closer.
House flips: was 203 D, now 203 R.
Senate goes wild: 49 R 49 D unconfirmed, 2 d-leaning I's (Sanders, Leiberman.)Montana was, is, close, with the D, Tester, leading over Montgomery Conrad Burns by 1,000 to 2,000 3000 votes. A Libertarian had 10,300 votes. My guess as to how Burns and Tester coordinated their campaigns with the Libertarian? Not at all. That could have cost Burns the election.

Virginia was close. When I left the bar, Allen was ahead around 5% with around 90% counted. This morning, he's down 7,000 votes in a race where the green got, 40,000?
My guess as to how Allen coordinated with the Green? Not at all? That may have cost him the election. In Illinois, the Green got 11% for Governor. At this point, minor parties aren't winning elections, but do hold the balance of power in some races some of the time. Fusion lost in Massachusetts. Nobody important got ballot access in New York, the important fusion state. Initiatives around the country mostly went the way I wouldn't have voted. Still need to check on the Kelo ones. I'll be looking to see if my local races came out the way I expected based on early returns.

Wyoming - 1st
Cubin (R) 93,197 48%

Trauner (D) 92,227 48%
Rankin (L) 7,465 4%

Ballot Access News reports that usatoday http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicselections/vote2006/front.htm
is the place to go to for uncensored election results.
Rumsfeld defeated, cuts and runs.
Red/blue graphic.
Anti-gay Amendment in AZ loses. Yay.
Million $$ AZ voting lottery, loses. Yay.
Smokefree AZ wins. Hmm, yay?
IN Arizona it will now be illegal to work for less than $6.75 hr. Boo.
Kelo AZ wins, Yay, 65%!
CA: Sin tax wins. Kelo loses, 48%, Boo.
CO: Domestic Parners, Dope, lose. Illegal to work for less than $6.85.
CO: anti-gay wins 55%. Marriage is an onion between one man and one woman.
Fla: kelo wins 69%, GA: Kelo wins 82%.
Idaho: Strong Kelo loses, 75% against! Anti-gay, 63%.
MI: bans affirmative action, wins, 63%.
MI: strong kelo, wins 80%.
MO: Cloning ban passes 51%, Illegal to work for less than $6.50,
Sin Tax,
MT: $6.15.
ND Kelo passes 68% NH Kelo 86%.
NV: Kelo 63% $6.15 or healthcare.
NV: Smoking: one passed, the other didn't.
Oh: $6.85. Anti-smoke loses, 35%. No wait, one passed, the other didn't. Glass half full.
OR: Kelo 67%,
SC Weak Kelo 86% Anti-gay 78%
SD: Anti abortion fails 45%, Anti gay wins 51%
SD: jail for Judges loses, 11% ! Sin Tax wins.
TN: antigay 81%, VA anti-gay 57%
WI anti-gay 59%, pro-death 55%.

Indiana: 4 GOP reps stay, 2 D stays, 3 D's win over R's.
Senate: split 1 each, house, leans D, 5-4, Gov, R, Mayor biggest city, D,
state house:

State House - District 100 71.0% of 62 precincts reporting
Candidate Party Vote Count % Votes Cast
John Day (I) Dem 3,273 69.6%
John Warren GOP 1,430 30.4%
Updated: 11/8/2006 1:52 PM ET

This is my district. It does not show the results for Joell Palmer, L, who was on the ballot. I suspect the results may be being withheld? Or not: the Indianapolis Star shows 229 votes for Palmer, not counting my disputed provisional vote.

Rex Bell got 14% in a three way. The LP was predicting a possible win, based on bad polling. Other L's ran 2-7% in three-ways. Osborne had 13% against Lugar for Senate.
Mike Kole with 3.3% against Rokita's 51%, keeping ballot status.
House: U.S. House: 2 D, 7 R
State Senate: State Senate: 17 D, 33 R
State House: State House: 48 D, 52 R
Now: 5 D 4 R House,
House: D's have at least 51, with 3, no 2, still counting. 1 headed for recount.
The GOP kept its hold on the state senate, not sure how many seats lost.

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