Monday, October 02, 2006

Sign laws in Guam. I'm planning my winter vacation - may take a research trip to look into this further. I'm unclear whether the permit is needed to have any signs, or whether this is just for signs on public property.

b. Permit: Fee; Deposit. Any candidate or organization may apply with the Department of Public Works for a permit to post campaign signs. The Director of Public Works is authorized to charge a non-refundable permit fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100) and a deposit of Two Hundred Dollars ($200), or as increased from time to time by rules and regulations promulgated by the Director of Public Works in accordance with the Administrative Adjudication Law. Such rules and regulations shall provide for procedures governing approval or rejection of permits, manner and location of posting, maintenance of sign and surrounding area, procedures for notification, removal of signs, forfeiture of deposit of any sign found in violation of this Section, and any other rules or regulations necessary to ensure the safety of the public. link

d. Period for Posting of Political Signs. Political signs shall not be erected any earlier than ninety (90) days before any special or primary election.


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