Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hasen reports that oral argument audio is up from the 7th circuit hearing in Indiana Democratic Party v Rokita.

Based on not having listened to it yet (no audio right here right now), it looks like Posner gets it wrong in his usual way:
He gives the benefit of the doubt to the state, instead of applying exacting scrutiny.
He has reasonable concerns about standing and the burden on the named plaintiffs themselves, as fairly minimal, which would misunderstand their concerns, since a spoiled election is a severe burden.

Posner hinted that there will be no decision before the election, so it's vital that I get my complaint in and heard. But I'm having a killer attack of writer's block, and I have a day job to deal with, and I haven't gotten any help on this so far.
In the unlikely event anyone reads this, is a lawyer or fundraiser, and wants to help, gtbear at gmail.

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