Saturday, September 30, 2006

PALM BEACH GARDENS — Tim Mahoney, a South Florida businessman for two decades but a Democrat for just two years, was recruited by Democratic strategists to run against Republican Mark Foley because they saw him as a "good fit" for a district that voted 54 percent in favor of President Bush in 2004.

With his personal wealth, the disillusioned Reagan Republican could finance the start of his campaign. He is a self-described fundamental Christian. And in a district that stretches across eight counties, including both coasts and many rural communities, he owns homes in two of them: a 98-acre Highlands County ranch in addition his home in a gated Palm Beach Gardens community.
Mahoney shot out of the gate, spending $577,000 of his own cash on the race and airing three television commercials before primary polls closed.

Mahoney is the chairman and CEO of vFinance Inc., a financial services company that has dropped from $8 per share in 2000 to 20 cents on Friday.


And then there's George Allen. Discourse.net, a usually reliable source, links to a story about Allen chewing tobacco and spitting it out on women. We'll file that as unconfirmed.

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