Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Katherine Harris wins GOP senate primary in Fla, which won't help the GOP this fall.
Ill Ill. ex-gov Ryan gets 6 years on various corruption charges.
Can we please finally start talking about how Ryan, as Secretary of State, corruptly kept his opponent, Jim Tobin, off the ballot for Governor, leading to a Ryan win?
This story was kept a bit under the table (bushel? something?) by threats of prosecution again some innocent but involved people.
Tobin has collected enough signatures to be on the ballot against Ryan.
A handfull, maybe 500, were false signatures which were the result of a crooked petitioner, and then some campaign volunteers signed off on those pages without knowing they were fakes.
The threat that these people might be subjected to retaliation is part of why the Tobin Ryan dispute didn't go further than it did. But with Ryan in jail, why can't we talk about it now?

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