Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad News from the house 

WASHINGTON -- The House voted Wednesday to require Americans to show proof of citizenship [sic] in order to vote, and the Senate moved to build a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border as Republicans sharpened attacks on illegal immigration before the midterm elections.

The 228-196 House vote on a new photo ID plan and the Senate's consideration of the fence were both part of a get-tough policy on illegal immigrants that Republicans have embraced after Congress' failure to agree on broader legislation that would set a path for undocumented workers to attain citizenship...The voter ID bill is H.R. 4844.

Older story here.

here is the vote count: all but 3 GOP voted yes, all but 4 DEM voted no, 8 nonvoters.
Dems for: Bean, Peterson, Marshall, Taylor (MS)
GOP against: (I'm guessing Ron Paul? Nope! "Dr No" voted yes.) Bass, Bradley (NH), Young (AK).
Text of the bill from Thomas.
Early thoughts:
It's a poll tax, an equal protection vioation, an unwarranted general search, an equal protection violation, and a first amendment violation.

Dear Representative Souder,

You are listed as a cosponsor of HR 4844, which passed the house today.
I am interested in your thoughts about the constitutionality of the bill, particularly whether it violates the First, Fourth, Thirteenth, and Poll Tax amendments, and the Privileges and Immunities clause of Article 1 section 4.

I was denied the right to vote at the spring primary by Todd Rokita, who up until then I had always respected. As you know, the voter ID rules in Georgia and Missouri have been found unconstitutional. I am about to bring suit against Rokita.

You took an oath to uphold the constitution. Perhaps you've done some research on the constitutionality of the bill that you can share with me.

Cordially, Robbin Stewart, esq.

Contact: Martin Green
(202) 225-4436
Souder Votes for Election Integrity Bill
House Passes Souder-Cosponsored Bill to Require Voters to Show I.D.

Washington, Sep 20 - U.S. Rep. Mark Souder voted today for House passage of H.R. 4844, the Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006. The House passed the bill, which Souder cosponsored, by a majority of 228-196.

“In order for our great democracy to work, we need to know that voters are who they say they are,” Souder said. “When voter fraud occurs, it means that your vote is being cheapened. Such fraud can change the entire outcome of an election. Indiana already has a state law that requires photo I.D. before voting. The legislation we passed today will bring the rest of the nation in line with our state. It is hard to understand how anyone could oppose this bill, yet they did.”

The Federal Election Integrity Act would:

* Require proof of citizenship (beginning in 2010) and photo identification issued by the federal government or a state government (beginning in 2008) for voting in federal elections.
* Require that voters who cast a provisional ballot because they did not have the required identification provide the necessary I.D. within 48 hours for the ballot to be counted. (An exception is provided for military overseas voters.)
* Require states to provide photo identification documents to qualified voters who do not have them, and to provide them to indigent voters at no cost.

H.R. 4844 will be sent to the Senate for further action.

Chief of Staff: Renee Howell
Legislative Director: Erika Heikkila
Press Secretary: Martin Green

A week ago, when the Department of Education released preliminary data, I started calling Martin Green, Souder's spokesman, for a comment on Indiana's stellar showing. He has not returned my calls.
I got the usual fuckyou letter from Souter's office saying they won't respond if I'm not a constituent. I can't find an email for any of the office staff, and the spokesperson is known for not returning calls.

Pelosi statement. I think this is the first time I've agreed with Pelosi on anything.

pelosi then insults me thusly:

I was unable to send her this email via her page:

"Please note that the rules of Congressional courtesy prevent Rep. Pelosi from replying to emails if she cannot determine that you are a constituent, so remember to include your full name, address, and zip code."

What rules are these?
I am a journalist and attorney seeking further comment from your office on the unconstitutional poll tax the house just passed.
But you seem to be saying some rules prohibit you from responding. What are these rules?

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