Saturday, January 21, 2006


(This goes in this blog instead of my other blog because this one handles permalinks better.)
I try to stay out of the market economy and focus on the vast wealth I enjoy in the post-scarcity open source economy of free online stuff, plus stuff other people throw away that I recycle. But there's a few things I wouldn't mind having.
1. Volokh book. $15ish.
2. DeFIBulator - handheld voice stress analysis gadget. $50.
3. Electric bicycle: $200 at pep boys.

It's not that I expect anyone to buy me things. Writing this down helps me think about whether or not to buy them. On the other hand, one time a guy gave me a car, another time TWA paid for my second year of law school, and over the past year I've been given a site upgrade at stripcreator, and free password to a site I enjoy and won't mention here.
I'm also looking for a law professor to nominate me for the nobel peace prize - an especially silly goal, but it would be fun and different, and a factoid I could drop at my detractors. "Boss! Detractors!" I also welcome honorary doctorates and appointments as adjunct faculty, thinktank advisory boards and corporate directorships.
(This post is not directed those of my family members who read my blog - the point of a wishlist is gifts from strangers.)

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