Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Vote fraud or worse in Iraq:
A 99% yes vote on the iraq constitution in some voting districts looks a bit suspicious.
Haven't seen numbers like this since chicago 1960. The Iraqis are new at the democracy game - it takes some finesse to rig an election plausibly.
Meanwhile in the UK the Tories have chosen not to go with Kenneth Clarke to replace Howard as party leader.
I'm still unsure on the outcome of the German and New Zealand elections. That is, the election resuklts are known, but the ruling coalitions are still being worked out.
Liberia faces a runoff Nov 8 between a populist soccer star and a woman.
New Zealand update: incumbents stay in power with new coalition.
Clark on Monday formed a minority government that includes leaders of the nationalist New Zealand First and centrist United Future parties after drawn-out negotiations following the September 17 election, which left her Labour Party well short of a majority in Parliament. 300 election complaints filed in NZ, unclear yet if any were serious.

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