Thursday, September 29, 2005

Open Source Amicus?
I've done a few amicus briefs before. They're fun, and a way to turn sweat equity into potentially having an impact on important public questions. But I don't do as many as I'd like, because they have deadlines, costs, both economic and accounting types, filing requirements, etc. Is there anyone out there who would interesting in colaborating on amicus briefs? The Sorrell and Wisc. Right to Life cases are one set, and there's the various voter ID cases going on.
My position is that Sorrell should be reversed, and WRtL should get its exemption, a narrow one that doesn't create another means of circumvention.
I am opposed to Voter ID because it doesn't work, isn't fair, is an unwarranted search, deters voting from people who value their privacy more than their vote, is a step toward big brotherism, violates state constitutions, danages the intergity of the election process, and gives more power to the BMV. Just so folks know where I'm coming from.

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