Monday, August 01, 2005

Rehoboth signs of the times:
A federal judge in Wilmington DE has denied a preliminary injunction against sign-stealing town employees.
The opinion is thoughtful and has a bit for each side.
However, it's wrong.
A total ban on private signs on public property, including traditional public forums such as parks, violates the freedom of speech. There is enough likelihood of success, and no harm to the defendants or the public in granting the injunction, that it was an abuse of discretion and an error of law to deny the injunction. The case will continue to move forward, but not until after the election in two weeks.
When I was a kid, Rehoboth was "the beach." We usually stayed at the more boring beach a couple miles down the road. The first time I was hassled by a cop, at 14, happened there, and I got a ticket coming out of "my cousin vinny" that later became a problem with the bar committee. Last time I was there the beach was closed at night, with cops patrolling. I did find some cool dance clubs and met a cute guy who runs a guesthouse.
Sounds like they could use a new Mayor who undersands freedom of beach.

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