Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Disclosure kills department:
In Pennsylvania, a conservative group of mostly college students is putting up billboards (with disclaimers) against republican legislators who voted for an immediate pay increase, instead of waiting for the next session, per the state constitution.
Via Sploid, this article in Human Events, a conservative web site, says the group faces retaliation.
(The accounting trick used to launder the funds may be a legal way to bypass the constitutional issue; a court will decide.)
The legislators want to know who it is who is opposing them. The group is raising money via anonymous donations on a web site.
The students are a faction that supported Pat Toomey against Arlen Spector.
Long criticized the group, saying it has not followed the rules on disclosing names of contributors, even though it is listed as a political committee. Long is an aide to one of the legislators behind the pay increase.

Through its Web site, the group is soliciting $500 donations for billboards and $5 donations for bumper stickers that say “Remember the Pay Raise.” Lilik also said he had financial backers, but declined to name them.
Jubelirer’s chief of staff, Mike Long, said the senator was prepared to defend his voting record.
“Unfortunately, I think the young man is misguided,” Long said. “People have an unalienable right to free speech. But he’s wrong.” Article.
Well, which is it? Unalienable right to free speech, or must subject his supporters to retaliation? More articles.
Meanwhile Pennsylvania drivers face drug roadblocks, unwarranted searches of the sort that once led to a meeting in Philadelphia in 1776. I suspect the roadblocks violate the state constitution.
And in Pittsburg, police attack antiwar protesting women with tasers and dogs.

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