Thursday, June 02, 2005

Referenda/initiatives as GOTV tactic:
Liberal activists say they're using the minimum wage to put Republicans on the defensive. They hope to put minimum wage initiatives on the ballots next year in nine states, including Ohio, Michigan and Arizona, says Kristina Wilfore, head of the liberal Ballot Strategy Initiative Center.

"This is going to take off like wildfire," she says. "It will pull progressive voters to the polls. The way the gay marriage amendment lured conservative voters to the polls (in November) was a wake-up call for us."

Is this common? Using initiatives as a gimmick to motivate partisan voters?
Exit polls/number crunching hasn't shown that the Bush victory in Ohio was driven by the high anti-gay turnout, but the connection is a plausible one.
I'll put my critique of minimum wage at my other blog, vark.blogspot.com.

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