Sunday, June 05, 2005

CT may be going for public financing. If it passes, I'll want to know the details.
Seed money of $250,000 would result in $3 million.
I am available for a nominal fee of $250,000 to advise such a campaign.

6/9 update to 6/5 post:
The governor called for legislation. It passed the house; the senate passed their version. The session expired before the kinks could be ironed out, so it's dead for right now. Don't rule out a special session. I have not yet seen either bill, and we don't know what if anything will pass, or when - the details are important.
Even if nothing comes of this, it's a big step forward for the "reform" agenda of banning all private speech about elections, replacing it with public finacing, which is more subject to political control.

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