Tuesday, May 03, 2005

This just in:
wapo, hat tip equal vote blog, announces the indiana democrats have filed another voter ID case, this one in federal court.
Update, an hour later: Hasen found the dem's complaint online, or I mean he has put the Dem's complaint online.
The dems rely solely on federal claims, First Amendment, Voting Rights Act, Hava, and Motor-Votor.
Their complaint, however, brings up an interesting point. Article II section 2 of the Indiana Constitution says that a duly registered voter has a right to vote.
It seems to me that this is another ground to enjoin the statute.

So there are lawsuits pending in both state and federal court. There is some likelihood of success on the merits under any of the following claims:
First Amendment
Equal Protection
Free and Equal Elections
Voting Rights Act
Motor Voter
I think the chances of an injunction issuing are pretty good.

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