Saturday, May 07, 2005

Hasen has a story about a guy, a young conservative republican candidate in virgina, busted for election fraud for apparently being registered at an address where he's not living right now. wapo has a bit more.
It is legitimate, when true, to allege that your opponent does not live in the district and should be removed from the ballot. Calling this election fraud seems abusive and unethical. There's no allegation that he didn't rent the apartment, or that he tried to vote in more than one place. It can be fraudulent to cry election fraud where it doesn't exist. Not every legitimate dispute about residency amounts to fraud.
When John Kennedy was a congressman from Boston, he rented an apartment and listed it as his legal address, although he did not live there.

While researching this story, I found that Rick Sincere has a blog now, which is good, but has joined the dark side (GOP) which is less so. http://ricksincerethoughts.blogspot.com/
Rick has a better atricle than I would have written so I'll just point to it:
Better link. third try at posting the link.
more chapman gossip here.
Chapman speaks for himself, interviewed by blogger.
More gossip, and links to AP and other stories.
washington times spin.

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