Thursday, May 26, 2005

DeLay situation:
A PAC in Texas was sued over disclosure issues, by Democratic candidates who lost.
They collected big bucks. Is this the new trend, "reformers" profiting off failure to meet onerous disclosure rules?
I'm not sure the PAC was in the right, or in the wrong. And I'm relatively an expert.
It's clear to me both sides are using litigation for political purposes,
not that that's new, but Hasen reports election litigation is way up post 2000.
In 1994, I was involved in an election contest, where the election was decided by the margin of litigation. I saw that my side would need lawyers, and I tried to become such a lawyer, but it hasn't worked out, either for my party or for me.
My party (less so these days, but it's where I've come from) can't afford paying off the democrats they beat, can't afford the litigation costs of such suits even if they win. Another way "reform" keeps America safe from democracy.

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