Sunday, November 20, 2016

If Senator Sessions, R Alabama, leaves the senate to become Attorney General, what is the process to replace him in the senate? As of this writing I don't know. My guess is the governor is a republican and appoints someone at least until the next election, perhaps for the whole rest of his term.

The governor is Robert Bentley and will appoint a successor. Several state senators are expressing interest.

"My political philosophy has always been liberty and limited government," Brewbaker said when asked what his approach as a U.S. senator would be.
"I'd like to see strong federalism restored, where the federal government vigorously acts in its role and allows the states to vigorously act in theirs.
"The main thing, I think is to do everything we can to keep out of people's personal lives and to provide the largest possible scope for people to exercise their human freedom, their right to make choices about their own lives and how they want to live them."
Those are the right words, but I am skeptical when I hear them from a republican; republicans tend to talk like Libertarians and spend like Democrats.

Governor Bentley would appoint Sessions's replacement in the short-term and set a date for a statewide election to fill the seat.

So whom might Bentley appoint if Sessions departs? Several sources I've spoken with suggest a few names on an emerging short list: Representative Martha Roby, Attorney General Luther Strange, state senator Trip Pittman, and state senator Cam Ward.

 If Bentley doesn't appreciate the corruptive risks of appointing a senate vacancy, he should check with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in federal prison for a little clarity.

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