Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I wrote:
Election fraud comes in different packages. One method is stealing ballot boxes before the votes can be counted. Another method is using voter ID to make sure some votes don't get counted. Both these methods violate fundamental rights under the state and federal constitutions. Voter ID makes elections less secure, and harms the integrity of the election.
The 24th Amendment specificly prohibits these kinds of obstacles to voting. Harmon v Forssenius, 1966. I sincerelty believe that voter ID is an unlawful unwarranted search of my papers and effects, imposing a severe burden on my 4th and 1st Amendment rights, so I don't show ID, and Indiana doesn't count my vote, even though the local officials know my name by now. Last time I ran as a republican for the state legislaure, they didn't let me vote.
399 votes were stolen in Wisconsin this way this year, that we know of. 586 in Mississippi. We should not be trying to add N Carolina to those numbers. There are effective and legal ways to fight voter fraud. Voter I D is not one of those, but is a distraction, and a cure worse than the disease.

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