Thursday, October 06, 2016

I think the coverage of Trump's foundation, largely generated by CREW, displays a double standard by the media, when the Clinton Foundation issues are orders of magnitude larger.
Here are a few sample stories, mostly from August, that are being eclipsed by biased coverage of a minor bookeeping error by one of Trump's staff, the Bondi donation. There are other issues with Trump's Foundation, but they pale in comparison.

Hillary Clinton’s Reaction to Her Foundation Scandal Is Disastrous

As I watch Hillary Clinton wish away the fallout of the Clinton Foundation’s unseemly ties with the State Department during her tenure as Secretary of State, I can’t help but think that her self-inflicted wound just bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. Every day that she fails to seriously address the rotten consequences of her poor judgment, Clinton further erodes the already lacking public trust in her. By avoiding a sincere display of contrition, she risks her candidacy and the foundation her family built.


The media has latched onto the news that more than half of those who received a personal meeting with Hillary Clinton while she was the secretary of state had also donated to the Foundation. In truth, this is just one of many scandals the Foundation is involved in—but most others have been reported and quickly forgotten, in favor of blowing up something GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said or did. Even this latest scandal is trying to be diluted by some in the media. 
Clinton-backed branch of foundation donor GM now caught in major scandal

The visit came a year after the General Motors Foundation had contributed $684,455 in vehicles to the Clinton Foundation. Fast-forward several years, and GM-Uzbekistan is now embroiled in a massive scandal, reportedly facing charges of fraud, money  laundering, and embezzlement, a legal case that has reached high-ranking government officials in the country.


One thing is certain in the Clinton Foundation scandal: Hillary didn't avoid the 'appearance' of conflict.
Clinton Foundation scandal will dog Hillary until election day’
The Clinton Foundation Scandal Explained: Money, Power And Influence Questions Hound Hillary Clinton Campaign

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