Tuesday, September 06, 2016

I'm looking into Hasen's allegations about Trump giving 25K to Fla AG Bondi at a time when Bondi may have been involved in a decision not to go after Trump U. 
Trump decided to give to the group connected to Bondi, called "And Justice for All." - Washington Post. The money didn't go directly to Bondi's campaign, unless this is her campaign account.
 That'll be what I look for next, what is this "And Justice for All" group?
Meanhile, I have found out, Bondi is hot, is proTrump and anti-Clinton, gave a speech to that effect at the convention.  Trump has a thing for hot women which would go a distance to explaining his interest in her.
The complaint against Trump was made by CREW, a meddlesome group that occasionally gets something right, but mostly exists to bash the GOP.
Here they were correct in turning up an accounting error - Trump's minions had accidentally written a check from the wrong account. It does not seem to have been a nefarious coverup.
Hasen thinks the 25K to Bondi is far more significant than Saudi Arabia giving 25 million, via her foundation, to Clinton while she was secretary of state.
The wag the dog scenario goes something like this:
   Clinton needed a distraction while he was trying to cover up the Lewinski affair.
So he bombed Osama Bin Laden in Somalia. Bin Laden was a Saudi princeling, rich with Saudi oil money. which he used to finance muslim extremism.  
  Clinton wound up getting impeached and disbarred anyway after the Drudgereport found Lewinski's blue dress with Clinton's semen on it (Bill's not Hillary's).
 Instead of retiring in disgrace like Nixon, Bill went on to a second term, while Hillary first got Moynihan's senate seat in New York, then they ran for a third term, then Hillary became secretary of state, now they are again running for a third term, and expected to win. As secretary of state, she oversaw Bin Laden's summary execution.
 After Bill's second term, Bin Laden shot back, using a team of 19 Saudi suicide bombers to blow up the WTC, hit the pentagon, and down an airliner which may have been headed for the White house. Instead of going after Saudi Arabia, Bush Jr. attacked Iraq instead, because Hussein (Saddam, not Barack) had once insulted his father. Bush then used the attack to attack civil liberties in America, creating the Orwellian "Homeland Security" to interfere with air travel and otherwise muck things up. 
Meanwhile the Clintons have collected 2 billion in a slush fund, with 25 million of that coming from the Saudis. This continues a pattern of the Clintons' using public office to enrich themselves.  
 The Foundation does a lot of genuine charity stuff, but primarily serves to launder money. For example between campaigns the campaign staff can be kept on the payroll of the foundation.
So Hasen thinks this 25 million is less important than the 25,000 Trump gave to "And Justice for All." So next I need to research what this Justice for All group is;
how directly does that money end up in Bondi's pockets?
I suspect Hasen's coverage is affected by partisanship and ideology. 
Certainly my own is. I support Gary Johnson rather than Trump, but I'm kind of fond of Trump, as a joke candidate gone wild.
"Purpose and Mission The mission of Justice for All is to promote justice in Florida by identifying and supporting as well as communicating about groups, public officials, and candidates who have track records of supporting justice in our state.
Pam Bondi is associated with this organization." So there it is from the horse's mouth, http://justiceforall.org.

Justice for All's main purpose seems to be to funnel money to the Florida GOP, 1,6 million.
So Trump gave money to a group affiliated with Bondi which gives its money to the Florida GOP. It does not seem unreasonable for the GOP candidate for president to help fund the state party in a battleground state. However, we don't know exactly what the state party is doing with these funds -- they may be getting passed through to some other fund more directly supporting bondi, either her campaign or her personally. 

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