Monday, July 11, 2016

This just in: Evan Bayh expected to suddenly run for senate in indiana and win. This will give IN, traditionally a GOP state, 2 Dem senators. Baron Hill is dropping out to make way for Bayh, who has been in the private sector since 2010, but still has 9 million in a campaign account. He has been senator and governor, is cute, bland, moderate, untainted by scandal, and  has high positive name recognition. His father, Birch Bayh, was running for president when his mother Marvella got breast cancer and died. Birch dropped out of the race to be with her. This is part of why Evan (actual name Birch Evan Bayh) himself wants to run for president if the time is ever right. Another Bayh factoid: the Bayhs were on the plane with Teddy Kennedy when it crashed, killing the pilot and putting teddy in traction for 6 months with a broken neck. The Kennedys have a pattern of crashing planes, boats, and cars, part of a larger pattern or recklessness that includes broken bones in touch football games, skiing accidents, and allegations of corruption. The Bayhs are not involved with all that; they were just along for the ride.

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