Monday, June 05, 2006

Still on hiatus, a few quick items:

I bought a computer. If I can find its power cord, and the phoneco can run dsl, i might get back online.
In Indiana, Senator Lugar's only opposition might be the Libertarian, since the D's didn't nominate anyone. I don't even know who the L's are running. (Steve Osborne.)I predict they get around 10%.
In New York, the Libertarians have nominated William Weld as Governor. Weld is a former Gov. of Mass. He is also seeking the R nomination, in a race against the Conservative party candidate. This race is important because if Weld gets 50,000 votes (out of millions) the L's finally get ballot status in New York, which has fusion, so they could become a player, after years of ballot access hassles and party disorganization.

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