Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Who the heck is John Roberts?
Roberts, 50, who serves on U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, took the bench in 2003 after his confirmation was held up for months by Senate Democrats.

A 1979 graduate of Harvard's Law School, he clerked in 1980 and 1981 for Justice William Rehnquist before he was elevated to chief justice.

He then served in the Reagan administration, first as a special assistant to Attorney General William French Smith and then as an associate White House counsel.

He later worked at Hogan & Hartson law firm and from 1989 to 1993 was deputy solicitor general during the administration of the first President Bush.

Roberts has argued 33 cases before the high court. He is considered by some a brilliant appellate lawyer who has impressed many in his work so far as a judge.

So let's see, white male, harvard.. no skull and bones? inside the beltway hired gun.
solid clerkships, reagan, bush I, white shoe law firm.
Young, maybe cute, but boring. Confirmable yes, but why bother?
Possibly this is part of Bush II's saga of revenge for BushI. BushI nominated Roberts to a judgeship but he has not confirmed at that time. Still seems like a bland, even cowardly, choice, unless there's more to him.
New York Times reports Roberts grew up in Indiana before graduating magna cum laude from Harvard Law. Maybe I can find a local angle.
Bush: In high school, he captained his football team, and he worked summers in a steel mill to help pay his way through college. Best football player since Whizzer White?

I missed the press conference - Indiana has weird time zones, so I'm never sure when "eastern time" is.

Bush did not ask Roberts any questions about abortion, gay marriage or other specific issues that might come before the Supreme Court, the official said.
Could be a Souter problem - does anybody, including Bush, have any idea where this guy stands on anything?
[these two posts were supposed to go in my other blog, but i guess they fit here too.]

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