Tuesday, May 03, 2005

voter ID notes:
Judge Sarah Evans Barker will hear the case. (indystar article)
That's good news.
NAACP editorial in charlotte observer by RYAN PAUL HAYGOOD.
The department of justice will be ruling on a similar, less onerous, bill from Georgia.
If Justice finds that the Georgia bill doesn't pass muster, that should send a signal to Indiana.
Although an Ohio State University study predicts that 6% to 10% of qualified voters in that state could be turned away if a photo ID were demanded, no studies have yet been conducted to determine whether disenfranchisement has occurred in states where such ID is already required. CNN. 6% disenfranchisement would be enough to ruin the integrity of the election process.
kansas city infozine article.

pro-disenfranchisement article from richmond palladium.
pro-disenfranchisement editorial from marion chronicle tribune
anti-disenfranchisement editorial from ft wayne.com
New Obstacles to Universal Sufferage
The Photo ID Movement as White Privilege
By GREG MOSES - counterpunch

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